A short note on ‘active’ and ‘passive’ interventions

‘I don’t wish to “reform” society, really, I am not paranoid. I only want to free thought [Gedanken] and discourse [Rede] from the constraint of useless inhibitions in the relationship between people who are psychoanalytically oriented’ – Ferenczi to Freud (letter) 3 Oct 1910 ___ The following is for discussion purposes, it is nothing more […]

No-man’s-land: On the legacy of the Project

Between psychoanalysis and neuroscience a war torn field exists with all the hallmarks of a no-man’s-land. At the centre of this field however there is a fabulous prize, an objective initially pointed to by Freud (1895) as the natural basis for the Project for a Scientific Psychology. That is, a prize in the form of […]